Terms for the hotel industry (AGB)

Hotel Atlantis, Ramstein-Miesenbach, 08/01/2016

As always in business, it is also in the room reservation is not without legal regulation. A change made by the guest and accepted by the hotel room reservation established between the two parties into a contractual relationship, the lodging agreement. Like all contracts, also the accommodation contract are solved by both parties. Specifically arise from him the following rights and obligations.

  1. The lodging agreement is concluded as soon as the room ordered and the pledge in writing (paper, @ -mail or fax) or orally was confirmed by the hotel.
  2. The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the contractor to fulfill the contract, regardless of how long the contract is finished.
  3. The hotel is committed to the guest to pay for non-provision of the room for damages, unless there was a cancellation by the hotel from “good cause”. Any cancellations by the guest must be made in each case, in writing, the guest release beyond but not from the payment of the agreed price. When liquidated damages for rooms as well as for events and the provision of premises shall:
Cancellation of individual bookings, group bookings and Arrangement:
to 30 days before arrival Free
7 to 14 days before arrival 50% of agreed service
2 to 7 days before arrival 70% of agreed service
0 to 2 days prior to arrival 80% of agreed service
no arrival / no show 100% of the agreed performance
  1. In a no-show without cancellation message will be charged 100% of the total price of the booked travel period. A reimbursement or reduction of agreed but undrawn services is hereby excluded.
  2. The hotel is kept in good faith to forgive undrawn rooms otherwise in order to avoid losses. Up to relet the room the guest has to pay for the duration of the agreement as calculated under paragraph 4 amount.
  3. Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 16 o’clock on the agreed arrival date available. On departure, the rooms must be vacated by 11am.
  4. With the publication of the present Conditions, all previous price lists and special offers as well as old AGB`s valid.